Decryption Wizard - Object Decryption

Last Updated: 01.06.2019
The Object Decryption panel is where the selected encrypted objects get decrypted and replaced on the server or exported to script files. Before the decryption process can start, the wizard needs to load all of the encrypted object types that were selected in the previous panels. A secondary dialog will be displayed with detailed information about what objects are being loaded along with an elapsed time counter. The time it takes to finish depends on the overall number of objects, the database server and your network connection.

While the decryption process is working, the current object being decrypted will be marked with a blue arrow. Objects that have been completed will either show a green check icon or an error icon depending on the status. Clicking on an object that encountered an error will display a dialog will the object name and error information. Invoking the error message dialog will not interrupt the decryption process.

By default, the Decryption Wizard will scroll the contents of the viewport to keep the current object in view. Scrolling the viewport manually either with the mouse or keyboard will stop the dialog from auto-scrolling. To make the viewport auto-scroll again, just make sure the object currently being decrypted is in view.

Dialog Display

  • Overall Progress

    This shows the current decrypted object count and the total number of encrypted objects.

  • Time Remaining

    This is a rough estimate depicting how much time is left before the Decryption Wizard processes the remaining objects. The timer auto-adjusts based on the average time the previous objects have taken.