Decryptor Interface - Decryption Queue

Last Updated: 01.06.2019
When an encrypted object is dragged to the Decryption Window or double-clicked it gets put into a queue for processing. This allows you to decrypt as many objects as you want without having to wait for the previous object(s) to finish. The Decryption Queue displays the status of the encrypted object being processed and any others that are waiting to be processed. The Decryption Queue is strictly for viewing the queue and no other options are available to interact with it.

Decryption Queue Headers

  • Status

    The current status of the object in the queue. Queued if waiting and Decrypting when being processed. While being processed the status will update with an elliptical to let you know it's working.

  • Type

    The type of object in the queue. This will be set to any of the possible encrypted object types that the SQL Server associated with the object understands.

  • ID

    The object's ID as known to the associated SQL Server.

  • Name

    The full name of the encrypted object. Formatted as "Server Alias - Database - Schema - Parent - Object Name".