Decryptor Interface - Output Log

Last Updated: 01.06.2019
The Output Log Window is a central area that stores event information for all operations of the Decryption Program. Connection statuses, errors, decryption data and other valuable information can be found here. Items are listed with a date/time stamp and are color coded based on the information it contains. This window replaces the need to store events in the Windows Event System, reduces the number of annoying dialog messages shown and can help with troubleshooting connection problems and SQL object decryption errors.

The contents can be filtered by type and are limited to the last thousand messages received.

Output Log Color Codes

  • Black

    General information and status updates.

  • Green

    Successful operations and completion statements.

  • Yellow

    Warning statements.

  • Red

    Errors and error related information.

Output Log Toolbar Options

  • Filter Drop Down

    Filters the contents of the Output Log Window by type.

  • Copy to Clipboard

    Copies the entire contents of the Output Log Window to the Windows Clipboard.

  • Clear All

    Clears the entire contents of the Output Log Window.

  • Toggle Word Wrap

    Toggles the word wrap feature on or off.