Decryptor Interface - Search Window

Last Updated: 01.06.2019
The Search Window lets you scan the contents of all the open tabs in the Decryption Window by keyword or phrase. Results are displayed for each keyword or phrase as "Server Alias - Database - Schema - Parent - Object Name" and show the position where the keyword or phrase was found in the document. Clicking on a search result will apply focus to the tab that contains the keyword or phrase, scrolling the tab bar if necessary, and highlighting the keyword at the specified position.

The results of the search can be navigated by using the mouse, up and down arrow keys or the Search Window toolbar. Closing a tab window will remove any entries related to that window from the search list.

Search Window Toolbar Options

  • Search Term Box / Find Button

    Allows input for a keyword or phrase to be searched. The Find button or Enter key can be used to initiate the search.

  • Clear All

    Clears the Search Term box and all search results from the Search Window.

  • Previous Item

    Navigates to the previous search result in the list or from the end of the list if at the first item.

  • Next Item

    Navigates to the next search result in the list or from the beginning of the list if at the last item.