Last Updated: 01.06.2019
There are six different dialog boxes that can be invoked from Orbital's SQL Decryptor. For detailed information about each dialog, click the corresponding link supplied next to the brief summary.

About Box

The About Box Dialog displays information about the current build of Orbital's SQL Decryptor and, if the program is registered, the license data and product ID. For more information please see the About Box Dialog topic.

Add/Edit SQL Server

The Add/Edit SQL Server dialog allows you to connect to a new SQL Server Instance or edit an existing or disconnected SQL Server. For more information please see the Add/Edit SQL Server Dialog topic.

Check For Updates

The Check for Updates dialog will connect to our cloud server and check for a newer version of Orbital's SQL Decryptor. For more information please see the Check for Updates Dialog topic.

Export to Files

The Export to Files dialog creates SQL Server script or Rich Text Formatted files for an encrypted object. The dialog is invoked from the Main Menu bar after an encrypted object has been decrypted. For more information please see the Export to Files Dialog topic.


The Register Dialog allows you to input a serial number and upgrade Orbital's SQL Decryptor from the trial version to the full functional version. For more information please see the Register Dialog topic.

Replace on Server Warning

When replacing an object on the server without using the Decryption Wizard, a dialog will be shown containing a warning message asking if you are sure you would like to complete the operation or cancel. For more information please see the Replace on Server Warning Dialog topic.