Dialogs - Export to Files

Last Updated: 01.06.2019
The Export to Files Dialog is invoked from the Export button on the Main Menu bar after an encrypted object has been decrypted. It allows you to create both a SQL Server script and a Rich Text document for an encrypted object.

Dialog Features

  • File Name Field

    Input the file name you would like the exported file(s) to be named. By default this field will contain the name of the encrypted object.

  • File Location Field

    Enter the file system location that you would like the file(s) to be created at or use the Browse button to select an output folder.

  • Create SQL script (.sql)

    Check this box if you would like to create a SQL Server script file (.sql). This is a file that SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) can read and process.

  • Create Rich Text document (.rtf)

    Check this box if you would like to create a Rich Text document (.rtf). Rich Text documents are syntax-highlighted and rendered with a landscape page orientation.

  • Generate 'DROP' statement

    Check this box if you would like a to have a TSQL 'DROP' statement added to the top of the output file.

  • Overwrite existing files

    Check this box to overwrite any existing files with the same file name and extension (recommended).