Dialogs - Register

Last Updated: 01.06.2019
The Register Dialog allows you to input a serial number and upgrade Orbital's SQL Decryptor from the trial version to the fully functional version. You are able to license the software on two separate devices. If you need to move the license to a new device, simply uninstall the software from the current device and the license will deactivate. For more information about the registration process, please reference the Registering Orbital's SQL Decryptor topic.

Registration Fields

  • Name (required)

    Enter the name you wish to associate with the registration.

  • Organization (optional)

    Enter the name of your organization, if any.

  • Serial Number (required)

    Input the serial number that you received when you purchased the program. If you need to get a serial number, click the Buy Now button on the dialog.

Server Response

The server response box will display the results of the activation along with detailed information about your license and how many activations are left. Click the Copy to Clipboard icon to copy the results to the Windows Clipboard.