Registering Orbital's SQL Decryptor

Last Updated: 01.06.2019
Registering Orbital's SQL Decryptor requires a serial number which you will receive via email upon purchase. The serial number will allow you to register the program on up to two separate devices.

To register the software, invoke the Register Dialog by clicking on the Register Product menu item from the Help menu and enter in the serial number you were provided. During the registration process the program will contact our cloud license server and activate the program, unlocking all of the features.

If you need to move a license to a different device, simply uninstall the program from a previous device. The program will then contact our cloud license server and free up a device slot.

Minor version updates and hot fixes to Orbital's SQL Decryptor are always free of charge. All major version releases can be purchased at a substantially discounted rate. When you invoke the Check for Updates Dialog it will let you know if a newer version is available and if it is a free update based on your license.